Titan Mu Online X5000 Season 13
Grand Opening 1. December

Opening times!
16.00  UTC +2 (Latvia)
21.00 UTC +8 (Philippines)
9.00 UTC -3 (Argentina)

Season 13 Episode 1 brings you new features:

4th quest (Fourth character evolution)
Fourth class Skill Tree Enhancement
M Button Favorite maps
Deep Dungeon maps and monsters
UI improvements
M Button, favourite warps selection
Jewelery Bingo Mini-Game
Max Master level 920

Server exp: x5000
Master Exp: x5000

High item, jewel drop
100% succes chaos machine upgardes
Easy RUUD gain
Events every hour with great loot

Players from S12episode1 will get 100% donations back after opening!

ADDED: 01 / 11 / 2017
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